Preventing the Spread of HIV

Our prevention services are for anyone at risk of becoming infected with HIV or living with HIV. All of our prevention services are free for residents of Berks and Schuylkill County and are available in English and Spanish.


Meeting Of Support GroupIn the Voices program we watch videos that can help you to think about the things that put people at risk for HIV disease and other sexually transmitted infections (STDs).

After watching a video in a small group, we talk about what we learned from the video.  This helps us to think about some of the things we can do to protect ourselves from being infected with STDs, including HIV. In the safety of the small group, we also give you the chance to practice things you can do or say to protect yourself.

Voices groups are a single one-hour session. Click “More Info” to send an email or call 610-375-6523


CLEAR!” stands for: Choosing Life! Empowerment, Action, Results!  If you are choosing life, and you want to be more empowered to take action and get results, CLEAR is for you!

In CLEAR you will work one-to-one with a CLEAR Counselor to learn and practice new skills that can help you get the results you want in your life. After meeting with your CLEAR Counselor for 5 core sessions, you may choose additional menu sessions that suit your needs.

Whether you are at risk for HIV infection or living with HIV disease, you can choose life! Call us at 610-375-6523 to speak with a CLEAR Counselor today or click “more info.”


Answer an anonymous questionnaire (provided by to discover your level of HIV risk.


The Healthy Relationships program helps people who are living with HIV disease to build their decision-making and problem solving skills. These skills are important for making choices that lead to healthier and safer relationships.

In a small group with others who are living with HIV, you can feel comfortable talking about things to consider before telling someone you are HIV+, practicing how you might tell someone your HIV status, or deciding when you might choose to keep this information private.

Healthy Relationships is a 5-session program.

Click “more info” to send an email, or call 610-375-6523 .


HealthFair10038Our staff of Prevention Specialists is available to provide information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV, to the community. If you are hosting a health related event, or have a group that could benefit from this information, Contact us!

Berks: 610-375-6523  or

Schuylkill: 570-622-3980 or

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Co-County Wellness Services improves public health through service, education, and advocacy in the PA counties of Berks and Schuylkill. We provide free case case management, HIV medication education; HIV and STD Counseling and Testing; prevention interventions and lead a teen pregnancy prevention initiative Berks Teens Matter.

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